Old Orchard Airpark is a private, member-only-use airport located in Plattekill, NY adjacent to the New York State Thruway and the Freetown Road overpass at Milepost 70. The Airpark coordinates are 41* 39' 44" N; 74* 04' 59" W. The FAA identifier is 2NK9. There is one north-south turf runway (18-36) approximately 100 feet wide and 2800 feet long. Runway 18 threshold is displaced for power lines; Runway 36 threshold is displaced for tall trees. Field elevation is 660' MSL. Traffic patterns for Runway 18 and Runway 36 are both standard left traffic. Pattern altitude for airplanes is 1500' MSL; for Ultralight Vehicles is 1200' MSL. Common Traffic Advisory Frequency is 122.9 MHz. Aircraft must avoid overflying the NYS Thruway below pattern altitude.

     In 1999 a subset of the Hudson Valley Hornets formed a separate corporation to purchase a 24 acre apple orchard. This land was then leased to the Hornets for 99 years and the Hornets went on to develop the Airpark over the next six years. Trees were cleared, the land was graded, access roads were built and a site plan for a Clubhouse/Shop, 40 privately built and owned hangars, and a tiedown spaces was developed.

     All work was done by the Club members. Old construction equipment was purchased, repaired and employed in the effort. Skills, including surveying, heavy equipment operation and repair, architecture and drafting, project management - virtually every skill necessary - could be found at some level among the membership.

     In Spring 2004, the Airpark became provisionally operational, pending completion of several items such as Board of Health approvals. On October 11th, 2005, the final site plan was approved by the local authorities and Old Orchard Airpark became fully authorized.

     Operations are generally conducted from April through first snowfall, although ski equipped aircraft may continue throughout the winter. When weather precludes flying, the Clubhouse is well equipped to satisfy members needs - there is a kitchenette, meeting room, and a Workshop.

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